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8th Grade Football Information

What is 8th Grade Football? 

 The 8th Grade Football program is a separate football league from Lowell Youth Football League. We work together though, because we are all interested in developing football players in Lowell.  LYFL handles several administrative tasks (like registration, rental equipment, and field/facilities management) for 8th Grade Football.  However, LYFL does not select the 8th Grade Football coaches, we do not monitor or evaluate coaches, nor do we have input into team division.      

 Who can play 8th Grade Football? 

In Lowell we usually have two teams for 8th Grade Football.   The teams are primarily made up of 8th grade players.  Occasionally a 7th grader will be invited to play 8th Grade Football (this is by the coaches' discretion only).  In these unique situations, a conversation between the player's parents, the LYFL field director, and the 8th Grade Football coach will occur.  

How are the teams divided? 

The 8th Grade Football teams are divided by the coaching staff, after watching the players practice together for several weeks.  Efforts are made to split the teams evenly, and to allow for maximum player development and success throughout the season.    

When/where do the 8th Grade Football teams practice and play games? 

8th Grade Football practices at athletic fields at Lowell High School.  Some years the practices are after school from 3-5pm, and some years they are in the evenings.  This is determined by the coaching staff.   8th Grade Football usually begins practicing in August, typically before youth football begins.   Games are played on Wednesday nights.  There are usually 7 or 8 games, and with 2 teams in Lowell usually half of the games are played at home. 
**There is a small fee to enter 8th Grade Football games at all fields (no passes are accepted).