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Flag Football Information


How Old Does My Child Have to Be to Play?

4 years old by Sept 1, 2021, and this is available for boys and girls

What are the dates for the 2021 Season?

* Saturday dates will be determined and communicated to families starting in September. 


As much as we like to, we are unable to accept or satisfy any special requests regarding coaches or team placement.  All our Flag teams practice and play at the same time/place, so carpooling needs are already considered.  Thanks for your understanding.   If you volunteer to be a parent QB, we will make sure you are with your own child of course.  

Is the Lowell Flag Program affiliated with or run by Lowell Area Schools?

The LYFL Flag Football program is not affiliated with the school district.  The program is a part of the LYFL (Lowell Youth Football League) and is run solely by volunteers.  We rent fields from the school district to play football on, but the program is not run/overseen by the school district.  

What is the Schedule Typically Like?

Flag football typically meets 4 times, on Saturday mornings, from 9-10AM at Lowell High School.  The timing of the first weekend is a little different to accommodate some Pink Arrow Events that are occurring at the high school.  You will receive an email with more details.   Some years there are a few other unique opportunities for Flag players to join also, including Youth Night, the Homecoming Parade, and possibly an Exhibition Night.  All events are subject to change and communication will be sent out regarding each. 

What Equipment Does My Child Need?

There is no special equipment required.   We provide the team t-shirts, you provide the shorts and shoes (cleats are unnecessary).    

How are Players Assigned to a Team?  

Teams are constructed by evenly distributing kids by age/gender within each age group.  This is done by the Field Director and some board member helpers.  You will be notified of your player's team placement via email during the week before flag starts early in September.  The email will give you a team number, and field location.  We use 3 fields at LHS - "A", "B", and "C".  Whichever field your player is assigned to is where he/she will play each week. The email will have a map attached to help you find the right field.  

Can I coach my child's Flag Football Team?  

We try very hard to keep our flag teams at 5 players apiece.  This way every player gets multiple opportunities to touch the ball every week.  Each small team will need a parent quarterback to throw or handoff the ball when the team is on offense.  It's not hard, and it is a great opportunity to spend an hour with your child and a few friends.  Even if you can't make it for every session, consider signing up to QB...another parent can step up to cover if you are gone.  Our field directors are always onsite to help, and the first morning of flag they will run a demonstration of what to do.

Flag football and inclement weather…we do everything possible to NOT cancel flag football due to rain and wet conditions (rescheduling is challenging)…but the league is also very aware that our youngest players often do not have fun when they are cold and wet. If the weather is adverse, keep checking your email/league website/Facebook for cancellation information just prior to the start time.