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Youth Cheerleading

3rd - 8th Grade Youth Football Cheer


Practices are held on Tuesdays evenings at the high school.  The Varsity Cheer Team will lead practices under coach's direction and supervision.  Practice will consist of learning chants, jumps, proper movements and arm placements, as well as stunting.   First practice will begin the second week of August.  The 7/8th grade team will also participate in team tumbling sessions with the high school cheer teams.  


Games for 3rd-6th grade are at Burch Field on Saturdays starting September 10th. The 7th and 8th grade cheer teams will cheer on Wednesday evenings for 7th and 8th grade football games.   7th and 8th grade will travel to away games.  Game times will be posted late August. Cheerleaders are expected to arrive no later than 30 minutes before game time.


Cheerleaders will receive a uniform owned by the league. It is expected to be treated with care for future use and returned to coaches at the end of the season. Parents are expected to purchase specified bodyliners to wear underneath. Girls will need proper tennis shoes for practice and games.  For times of inclement weather, the league does not provide any rain gear or warmups. We do offer warmup jackets to be purchased by parents if they wish.  Parents will also be expected to bring leggings/coats/hat, etc to fit the weather conditions.

Any Questions? Email or call  616-430-3040.