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A Message from the LYFL President Regarding the 2020 Youth Football Season

Dear Lowell Youth Football Parents,


I am optimistic that football will be played this fall. But things might look a little different than a non-pandemic year. As you know the Governor has asked the MHSAA to move football to the spring, there are a lot of moving parts to make this happen at the HS level.


During this very uncertain time, it’s important that parents know that Lowell Youth Football has a detailed plan with the support of USA Football for getting their children back to the football activities they enjoy. Lowell Youth Football will provide guidance in safely returning youth athletes to football. 


We will have football this fall... If we are not in phase 5 we may have to do a flag/7x7 league or some type of instructional league in house. If the HS is moved to the spring and we are unable to play tackle in the fall we will play a spring season of tackle and still do the fall activities. 


I refuse to not allow the kids not to have football and cheer activities this fall. As long as the state is not in phase 1 or phase 2 we can do some type of football activities just like baseball and lacrosse is doing now. 


If for some reason we get locked down we will suspend the season until spring. All registered kids will be eligible for the spring season. 


If a child is registered for the 2020 season they will be eligible for the fall activities and the spring season of tackle (if no tackle in the fall) We will open registration for the spring season for kids that were not a part of the fall activities.


USA Football and Lowell Youth Football 4 phase plan:

  1. The first phase concentrates on football workouts and drills, limiting practice pods to 10 or fewer people (including coaches) who must stay within their groups and at least 6 feet apart. No equipment is shared. USA Football’s guidelines offer examples to help youth programs within each phase.

  2. In the second phase, practices can include up to 10 people inside or 50 people outdoors, again within the same group of five to 10 teammates in station-based activities. Individual drills conducted either unopposed without contact or against bags or soft surfaces are suggested, with coaches remaining at a minimum of 6 feet from players. All bags and sleds must be sanitized between each use. Passing, kicking, punting and shotgun snaps will be allowed, but no hand-offs or snaps under center in deference to physical distancing.

  3. The third phase includes modified flag football and 7-on-7 games, and modified tackle practices, with up to 50 people in small groups. Player contact, including blocking, may be introduced with partners or within small groups, along with games and activities involving a limited number of players.

  4. The fourth phase will be the start of regular season games. 

All such activities are consistent with its Football Development Model for progressive play.

  • Lowell Youth Football will be screening for virus symptoms and signs prior to any activities

  • Cleaning and sanitizing protocols will be in place 

  • Coaches will wear face coverings 

Thank You,

Bob Nichols


The Registration "Home" is not currently available.

Our Mission

Lowell Youth Football League is a recreational program that teaches sportsmanship, respect, honesty, dedication, responsibility, being a team player, and the fundamentals of football, flag football, and cheerleading.   Competitiveness is not emphasized in the perspective of winning and losing.  There are no official standings kept and no championships awarded.  Rules are designed to provide a safe environment for the majority of players.  The primary purpose of the Lowell youth football program is that every child will play in every quarter of a game as long as the requirements set forth by this league are met.  Examples:  attending and participating in all practices, maintaining acceptable academic standards, and showing respect to fellow teammates and coaches. 

LYFL is part of the West Michigan Football Program and compete against the top West Michigan teams. The LYFL is an organization established to promote the development and maintenance of a supervised, youth-based football program serving many communities in the west Michigan area. 


Lowell Youth Football League  
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